Top 9 Legitimate Paid Survey Sites Can Help You To Make Extra Money Online

Legitimate Paid Survey Sites

Legitimate paid survey sites provide an excellent way to make extra money online. I’ve been going money to survey websites for quite some time now.

During this time, I’ve realised that making money online with surveys is one of the easiest ways to earn extra cash while just watching television, checking mobile at home, but there is a catch.

There is an increasing number of a research company that will pay you for the opinion. However, they are not always legit as they make out. The right way to Passive Income from 121 Ways To Make Money Online.

With this section, you learn about the legitimate paid survey sites that will pay you for taking the survey online. We all have a bit of time, so close your YouTube video & social media for some time, instead of spending your valuable opportunity to make money online by doing surveys.

A  lot of sources, research, then I created trusted  & legitimate paid survey sites list & how much can you earn & valuable tips to maximise your profit.

What Is Paid Survey?

Companies use the simplified form of qualitative market research. That used by manufacturers, service providers, ad agencies gather consumer input on wide varieties of projects. Check out quantitative market research companies. 

There are hundreds of online platforms for completing the survey and receiving money by completing studies. Here you can check out List Of 101 Free Survey Sites To Make Money Online.

Polls have always played a vital role in helping the consumer make a right choice and with Online Surveys. It helps address your queries about products. Check out Top 15 Cint Survey Sites To Make Passive Income.

Here I am giving some tips from my experience over the company who offers money for completing surveys and offers. The benefits and concern market research panels.


The requirement for taking the legitimate paid surveys sites online

* Work via internet, laptop & mobile

*  Feel free to work in your spare time

*  No experience needed

This guide may change the way you work in PTC. Check out PTC Rent Referrals Strategies with investment.

How Much Survey Jobs Online From Home Pays

This medium has some better paying than other online jobs but not that much. So you have to work it hard to get the jobs.

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The pay varies on how many hours you work and how you do the jobs. It also differs from company to company. You can earn $5-$500 per month.

Still, even the average pay rate is excellent, and it’s achievable if you have referrals. You can check out the top 15 international payment processor in the world.

Make Money Guides

Disclosure: Some of the survey sites links in this post are affiliate links. We’re letting you know because it’s Honest Act to do. After all, it’s your right. I only recommend opportunities I’ve researched and trust.)

Legitimate Paid Survey Sites List That Will Pay You 

1. Mindswarms

Mind is an innovative type of market research &  Legitimate paid survey site that pay you for taking survey via webcam. Their pitch is any customer can conduct a marketing research study in just a matter of minutes, with feedback and responses collected in just hours.

Mind swarms is a mobile app ( IOS, ANDROID) & website. People who are interested in signing up as respondents can do so entirely for free. After sign up, you will be required to introduce a question via video to introduce yourself. Once you set up the primary, then you are applying for work. After getting your job done, the survey can take 20 minutes. Mind swarms will reward $50 – $70 per survey.

Payment method –


2. Global Test Market

Global test market opens to worldwide. It founded in 1999 & one of the best oldest Legitimate paid survey sites. Becoming a member is easy & free. Most of the survey are topics on restaurants, travel, gadgets, automobiles & global issue. Global test market will reward  5-40 point every poll you complete. When you reach 806 point=$10, you can request cash-out.

Payment method –

. PayPal

. E-Voucher

Read Full Review Of Global Test Market here.

3. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is a global company that operates 20+ country; it produced by Research Now. Most surveys in this panel take 20-30 minutes to complete  & usually pay $2-$5 per survey.  In this legitimate paid survey site, when you reach 400 points (Indian), the user can redeem reward by gift voucher.

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Payment method –

. E-Voucher

.Ticket compliment Gift Voucher

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4. Paidviewpoint

Paid viewpoint merely is leading survey site. They use personal score called the trait score. If you are honest about your demographics, always give honest opinions, you get the highest trait score like 10000(maximum).  You will get the highest reward. After $15 you will cash out your prize. If You refer any people, you will get $25 per person after they reach $15 & cash-out. In this survey site, you will get a survey with 5-10 questions that will be complete in 2-3 minutes.

Payment method –

. Only via Paypal

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5. Toluna

Toluna is a Dallas-based company owned by Toluna group. Today, it is one of the most popular companies with 10,000000 members. They pay 2000- 12000 points per survey. Their survey usually takes 20-30 minutes to complete. After 50,000 points you can redeem your reward.

Payment method –

. Paypal

. Gift card

Here read Full Review Of Toluna.

6. Viewfruit

View fruit panel is market research service for 32 countries & regions all over worldwide. It provides fashion items, travel, baby, mother, employment type of survey, for that you get 100- 240 points per survey.  500 POINTS = $1 .  After 2500 POINTS= $5 you can reward your reward.

Payment method –

. Paypal

Here read the Full Review Of View-Fruit.

7. Swagbucks

Swag bucks is a worldwide company that pays you for taking online survey & variety of task by virtual currency called SB. 700 SB= $5 . You can refer people worldwide by your referral link. The variety of task is taking surveys, shopping, playing games, & search by Swag bucks.

Payment method –

. Paypal

. E-Voucher

Read Full Review of Swag Bucks.

8. PollBuzzer

Pollbuzzer is a survey panel that pays $1 -$3 per survey. To participate in the study, you invited by Email. After Cint panel market research company take Poll buzzer, sites not used for login. So, after sign up via an older website you have click this link to log in & complete your profile.

Log in Poll Buzzer

Payment method –

. Paypal

Read Full Review of Poll Buzzer.

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9. Viewpoint panel

Viewpoint panel is a Legitimate paid survey site that’s available to anyone in 16 countries. If you are from us, then you get more survey chance. Once you complete your profile, after some days you will be invited via E-mail to participate in the survey, once you finish then you got $1- $3 per survey.

Payment method –

. Paypal

Read Full Reviews Of View Point Panel.

Referral System

Due to high computer Awareness among people in the recent years, millions of people are ready to work in their free time that too from their home.

To earn with your Referral link, You have to bring new members. Here you can check out How To Get Referrals in 45 Ways To Make Decent Income.

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Tips To Maximise Your Earning

 . As a result here are top 9 Legitimate paid survey sites Personally tested by me. You can join all survey sites to make at least $100- $500 per month.

. Sometimes you do not qualify for surveys or screen out. You can learn about it here to avoid survey disqualification. But after all, it is a great way to make some extra cash online. Give honest opinion whenever you are filling out those surveys.

. Don’t ever pay to join any surveys website & watch out for scam & fake sites.


Typically survey companies will pay more for surveys from people in specific locations like (USA, Canada, UK). You can earn $0.30 to $20 per study except for mind swarms ($50per survey). People with more experience have made more money. So, a couple of mentioning you can earn extra money for taking the reviews online.

You have not rich by these survey sites, but it provides some extra cash to your pocket by just answering the questions. Don’t pay some money or join scam websites. But you want to make some significant sum then work in Captioning jobs and rise of transcription work at home jobs. 

When you come back here, I will be waiting for you in the comments!

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