Top 4 Websites That Paid To Listen To Music Online

Paid To Listen To Music Online

Due to high computer Awareness among people in the recent years, millions of people are ready to work in their free time that too from their home and Paid To Listen To Music Online is one of the fun, easy ways to make passive income from home.

Paid To Listen To Music - ou really can make money online doing something you love – listening to music!


Yes, you heard it right. The internet provides Different opportunities to make passive income, and Paid To Listen To Music Online is one of them. The proper way to Passive Income from 121 Ways To Make Money Online.

Everybody loves to listen to music when they are stress, happy, sad or any mood. It is one of the global entrainment that changes everyone in different ways.

So, I set out to do some research to find out the legitimate ways to make money from home via Paid To Listen To Music Online. In my research, I find out Top 4 Websites paid to listen to music.

Below the sites, I provide all are legit. You should know that you can not make huge money form this work and but you can make some pocket money. Lets Start.

( Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. We’re letting you know because it’s Honest Act to do. After all, it’s your right. I only recommend opportunities I’ve researched and trust.)

What is the Process of the Websites That Paid To Listen To Music Online?

If you like music, getting paid to listen and review new music, it probably seems like a pretty good deal. The process is pretty simple. There are so many sites which are involved in giving out the opportunity in which you earn money from listening to music online.

Before going into further detail, you have to check, monitor, review the music and finally tell your review to the world via their Website platform and make some extra money. Here you can check out List Of 101 Free Survey Sites To Make Money Online.

Generally, they allow the new musician to show their talent, and they want to know about feedback about their music. So, you have to listen to music and review.

Each music is different; You have to listen 30 seconds to 1 minutes or even more. Some of the sites require you to write a review and get paid. This medium is the process you have to work with them.

Skills and Tools Required 

  • Basic Mobile, computer knowledge
  • Computer with high-speed Internet connection
  • Attention to detail
  • Headphone
  • Silent place
  • Be a Music Lover is awesome
  • Fluently English (read, write)
  • Paypal account
  • Excellent language skills
  • Understanding of how online platforms works
  • Keep coolness and Patience

You do not need any qualification to do the jobs. If you have these skills and tools, then you can do this work.

How Much Listen To Music Online From Pays?

This medium pays some extra money, but You have not earned sufficient money to live a better life. The pay varies on how many hours you work, how you do the jobs and It also differs from company to company.

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Most of these sites can earn you $3-$25 a month. The amount received depends on your rating, which increases with participation and accuracy.

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List Of Companies And Websites That Listen To Music Online

I can’t say who is the best. But maybe I can help you identify how to find a good one. You have to do a little work to figure out which ones are good.

The research part of this work is going to be very difficult for you. So, here I am describing every legit Paid Music Jobs websites.

Below are links to legit, researched Music Jobs Online From Home Websites without any investment or registration fees.

All the below companies that are reputable. Let’s start with these legitimate Paid Music Jobs Online From Home Websites. 

1.  Hit Predictor

HitPredictor is providing new tracks and music that gets released to the public before it happens. The feedback is vital to artists, radio stations, record labels, and their managers.

Rating music involves you listening to edited versions of new songs in our jukebox and then giving your feedback about what you think of the song.

Each time you review a song you get points. There will be additional points if you answer the polls. You can provide valuable feedback on new tracks before they go big.

Bonuses available if you rate a certain number of songs in a specific period. You can withdraw points for prizes, including Amazon gift cards, enter cash drawings and sweepstakes.

2. Slice The Pie

Slicethepie launched in 2007, and they rapidly evolved into the web’s largest music review engine. Now they provide on-demand feedback to most of the major US record labels and thousands of independent artists every month.

They pay you to write reviews on new songs, fashion items, accessories and commercials before they are released, and it goes directly to unsigned artists/fashion designers.

You have to listen to music for at least 90 seconds before complete your review. The more you participate, the more you earn. They pay 2-20 cent per survey, and You must have a minimum of $10 in your account to withdraw your earnings with PayPal.

3. Radio Loyalty

RadioLoyalty is an internet-based radio that pays you to listen to your favourite music. It is quickly becoming the leading way to listen to music, talk radio, and sports over the Internet and on your mobile phone.

They have an app for your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You can listen to your favourite radio stations and songs while earning loyalty points. You can withdraw your points for awesome prizes, or even VISA gift cards.

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Sign-up to is currently by invitation only. It has an app on for your iPhone or Android device, pays you to provide feedback on new songs via emailed surveys.

They need your input on what music, morning shows, and DJs you want to hear. You’ll listen to and rate short music samples on the secure server. You Claim your reward in the form of an Amazon gift card.

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Additional Information

Panel Champ is an international online survey panel, and it claims the fast-growing online survey panel. Quest Mindshare re-branded itself as Panel Champ.

Polls have always played a vital role in helping the consumer make a right choice and with Online Surveys, It helps address your queries about products.

Cint manages it. They have panels in most of the countries so that Can redeem through PayPal. It is a part of Cint AB Group. Check out Top 15 Cint Survey Sites To Make Passive Income.

The company gives cash to the consumers for their opinions about the market, products, banking, Music, Consumer Goods, Technology, Healthcare, Travel, Finance, Automobile, IT related, lifestyle, and culture.

If you have questions about Panel Champ’s, then contact them at or e-mail at

Check Out Full Review Of Panel Champ.

e-Research-Global is an established Survey Sites that is open to individuals worldwide. Must be 16 years or older to join the e-Research-Global. Members are eligible to redeem cash awards once they have earned USD 2.00.

Check out full review E-research Global.

The market panel provided with the full range of surveys for different age of peoples with various categories. Efficiency and quality surveys are essential in this survey panel. This Survey site sends surveys regularly to there members.

View fruit panel is market research service for 32 countries & regions all over worldwide. It provides fashion items, travel, baby, mother, employment type of survey, for that you get 100- 240 points per survey.  500 POINTS = $1 . After 2500 POINTS= $5 you can reward your reward.

Here read the Full Review Of View-Fruit.

Ormax Online is an online research program and Survey Sites by Ormax Media. They conduct surveys to get feedback on various interesting topics. You will get invitations to your valid email id. Survey frequency depends on your demographic details provided during registration.

ORMAX Online hosted in India. It is the official website of Ormax Media’s Online Research program, with the place of operation at Ormax Media Pvt. Ltd. Vasant, Jn. Of 9th and 10th Road, Khar (W), Mumbai 400052.

The question about the survey about the upcoming web series, Music, films, trailers. So, check out this website but it is only for India.

Here you can read full review Ormax Online Survey with Payment Proof.

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The above mention sites are legit but rarely give surveys about Music. So, you have to take the opportunity quickly.

Tips To Maximise Your Earning

  • Don’t ever pay to join
  • As a result here are top 4 get paid to listen to music Sites Personally tested by me. You can enter all 4 Legitimate Sites to make at least $50 per month and more.
  • To receive with your Referral link, You have to bring new members. Here you can check out How To Get Referrals in 45 Ways To Make Decent Income.
  • The more you participate, the more you earn

Make Money Guides

Payouts Information

Most Cint Survey Sites above pays via Paypal, Amazon Gift Card. You can check out the top 15 international payment processor in the world. The minimum cash out using Paypal is $5-20.

It defers in countries. The payout process will take up to 24 hours. But due to the demographics problem it delays.


There is some problem with these companies for many years online. They listed below.

  • Limit opportunity for third world countries

90% of the studies targeted at people who live the in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

  • Members can generally expect to receive 2-8 reviews per month
  • Sometimes account locked without any information


  • Free to join and easy registration
  • Low Payout
  • If qualify, you get high reward
  • Paypal Payment options
  • Fast Payout
  • Fun and easy way to work
  • Referral System


  • Few studies per month
  • It is not a high-income way
  • Account get locked without any notice

We have all dream of being able to earn a better income from the comfort of the sofa and without investment. It provides this opportunity. The income potential is so low that many users give up.

The site mention above are all legit, but the four sites provide their platform direct to get paid to listen to music, and the other four sites provide surveys via their platform.

Listen to music online is one of the fun and easy ways to make money online. It means you have an easy way that a make money stream.

I have researched every bit List Of Top 4 get paid to listen to music Sites To Make Passive Income. It is an excellent idea to sign up for as many as possible because some companies offer only a limited amount of reviews each month. For more income check out 55 Freelancer websites.

When you come back here, I will be waiting for you in the comments!

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