Top 15 Payment Processor Companies In The World

Top 15 Payment Processor Companies

Here we talk about “Top 15 Payment Processor Companies.” When you want payment online, freelancing, selling items online, buy something online then one big question is that “what is the best payment processor?”. Most online users use terms that called “online payment processing.” So, everyone wants best payment gateway for their online business, that gives users to get the best experience & reliable web payment. Check out top survey sites where you can earn money.


  • Check out transaction fees
  • Look out for multi-currency support
  • Check terms & condition because some payment system does not allow digital products
  • Check out it accepts credit card or not

These are top 4 factors that follow joining in the “Top 15 Payment Processor Companies”.

There are many payment gateways in the world. So, which one you choose? In pure form here we research & difference between Top 15 Payment Processor Companies. Learn about Micro jobs sites.

Top 15 Payment Processor Companies that works world wide

Here are the Top 15 Payment Processor Companies.

1. PayPal

Paypal is top on the list because it is the most popular payment list in the world. This payment processor used by consumers, online shoppers & high business industry in the world. Since 1998 debut, Paypal operates more than 200 countries & receive money in more than 100 currencies. You withdraw funds in 56 coins & hold the balance in 25 medals in the account. The digital platform has 210 million active account holders in the world & it also has a great app.

2. Skrill

Skrill is one of plain, secure online payment processor. They have free setup, ability to send the text message from the account, meager fees. Send funds for anywhere; the first transaction is open in Skrill. It also alternative to Paypal & being a popular service. Skrill was formerly known as Moneybookers. It instantly allows you to transfer the account balance to the prepaid debit card.

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Check out Skrill Review decent way.

3. Flagshipmerchantservices

Flagshipmerchantservices is the leader of the credit card service. They are No-1 for straight eight years. All in one credit card processor the company offers little & reliable fee on a monthly basis. If your business or website got the maximum number of credit card transactions, then flagship merchant service is the best option.

The sign-up form is straightforward & shortlisted. This medium has known for best customer service & outstanding review by its existing customers.

4. Google Wallet

“Google Wallet” is a product of Google. This medium is  Paypal version of Google. It is a fast, free & secure way to send money from your Gmail or on the web at You send money to many people, friends using just their email id & phone number. They don’t need to have any google wallet app account; it is optional.

You can receive money automatically in your bank account if you have Set a default payment method in Google Wallet. You can track your expense via this app.

5. Dwolla

Dwolla access API acts on ACH payout network with benefits on the same day. They have faster payments & improve users experience. It is the best platform to communicate & work with nations banking systems. The powerful API system transfers funds through Linkedin, facebook, twitter, phone & email.

It is more applicable that there is no transaction fee & it is free to use. You also use advanced tools with the monthly flat rate.

6. Stripe

Stripe is the best platform for developers that running the internet business. They build most flexible & power tools for internet business. The Stripe API gives its users best experience.

If you are developer & want to create a payment system, they allow you to built your payment form that can bypass PCI requirements.

7. Square

Square make processing credit card simple. They accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American express all for one low rate. Square is customizable, so they have the full range of products for the online business.

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When you sign up, you get a free square magstripe reader to swipe credit cards anywhere. Square is the champion for small business.

8. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay offers the convenient & trusted way to pay to the merchant, consumers. This platform used by both large & small company. They have a smart way to spend with your tap a finger & protected your information wherever you go.

You can use this payment system on the mobile without any additional thing. You can use payment on the go & 100% buyer protection.



9. Adyen

Adyen is multichannel payment company that makes payments easy gives you to the competitive edge. They provided customers want pure, consistent buyer experience on the web, mobile & in-store. The company allows a smooth, fast, secure experience every time whenever you pay online.

They run business in consumer insights & it provides rich details on transaction data &scale faster with intelligent data.

10. Due

Due offers the credit card processing for your online business with the lowest rates. Rate with 2.8% for all card types with no hidden or monthly fees. It offers excellent service to freelancers, small & large companies.

Due is monitoring every transaction for potential fraud. They use next-generation PCI compliance to safe your financial & personal data.

11. 2checkout

2checkout is good payment processor that accepts mobile & online payments worldwide. They offer reliable & hustle refund.

Just sign in, create an account, instantly start accepting credit card. It is payment processor which is the combination of merchant account. They offer reasonable international payment, shopping cart system & even receive PayPal payments.

12. have been trusted payment gateway since 1996. They have 4,40000+ merchant worldwide & thousands of leading business partners.

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When you register & create an account with it, then have additional features like Automated recurring billing (ARB), Advance fraud detection system (AFDS), Simple check out system & other advanced systems.

13. Payza

Payza is a worldwide payment processing system the operates worldwide. It is an e-wallet system that accepts online payment system, shops you online & sends money instantly for a lower fee. Payza enables you to cash between accounts which are active & identified email ids.

They consist three type of accounts Bussiness, personal & pro that accepts debit card, credit card free.

(update – Payza has been charged by legal authorities for operating illegal activities and its official website was down from 21 March 2018.)

14. Ach-Payments

Ach-payments system is one of the top payment systems in the world. ACH has the great features credit card processor, mobile payment processor, & merchant account.

They have two significant benefits that you have to pay less expensive to process payments, & decline rate 2%.

15. Pauline data

Pauline data is world excellent payment service that accepts payments from anywhere, anytime & mobile payment integrated system. They have top tools that protect customers & give its user’s e-commerce experience.

Payline – data have great tools that have very advanced features like Payline Gateway, Subscription Billing, ACH Payments, Fraud ProtectionData, Security NFC & EMV.



Implementing the right payment processor, that take your online Bussiness to long-term success. All these payment processors are very much popular & used worldwide for the global transaction. Find out gigs that change micro jobs industry & make more refreshing.

Since not all the payments acting the same manners I research & write about Top 15 Payment Processor Companies in the world. So, try out & share your experience in the comment section.