Top 10 Web Based Collaboration Tools For Small Business

Web Based Collaboration Tools

Online Collaboration tools are web-based applications that offer essential services as well as advanced service, and here we discuss Web Based Collaboration Tools For Small Business.

Web Based Collaboration Tools - Enterprise-grade, web-based marketing work management solution

Its like instant messaging to video conferencing tools, there are many options for team collaboration tools. Anyone can share ideas instantly with screen sharing, audio, video, whiteboard, and chat. Real-time messaging allows for instant decision making.

Technology changes every day. Since the launch of Web Based Collaboration Tools, These tools not only allow business consumers to work remotely, but also to be more productive and stay organized.

These Web Based Collaboration Tools use for work through big ideas, concepts or processes while demonstrating his or her thinking, planning and decision-making on the way to creating, performing or responding to art.

It is essential to review the best online Web Based Collaboration Tools For Small Business. Online Collaboration tools help you stay productive with also help your business and successful project. So, let’s discuss Top 10 Web Based Collaboration Tools For Small Business.

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What Is The Web Based Collaboration Tools?

It is a different type of software and online services that allow people to work together on joint projects. Web collaboration refers to the Web.

The service that allows your center to share Web pages with customers while offering voice and text chat assistance or to conduct single or multi-user conferences and seminars.

There are many online collaboration tools available in the market. Thanks to collaboration tools that help to manage the business successfully.

Essential Tools Web Based Collaboration Tools For Small Business

  • Project Management and Reducing Work-Related Stress

Managing projects will never be easy. Planning is the crucial factor in the thriving business. It must take the time every day to check up on status, ensure communication is taking place where needed, and manage the expectations.

  • Design

Good design is natural to a great product, not only because it creates a more enjoyable user experience, but because it can make you stand out of the marketplace.

  • Communication

Timely communication is vital when it comes to effective project management. Collaboration software helps teams reveal the right priorities and work together on tackling the principal thing.

  • Document

Writing things down, making spreadsheets, organizing, sharing and presenting information. Using a collaborative, cloud-based editing tool means that, no matter where in the world you are, you can write, edit, proofread, comment, and ask for suggestions.

  • File sharing

They provide the platform for uploading, downloading and distributing any size of documents, images or videos. You can also store and manage files, having access to them from virtually anywhere.

  • Organising

Organising means Time management tools. It enables teams to organize and schedule tasks, projects, and plans.

How To Choose The Best Collaboration Tools (Web Based Collaboration Tools)

To stay in the best in your business, using collaboration software is the way to go. The best Collaboration tools solutions also help integrate productivity apps into your workflows.

The collaboration tool you need should depend on the needs of your business or team. When selecting how to choose the best collaboration software, There are many more questions.

  • Cloud Platform
  • Trial period
  • Collaboration software has a mobile version
  • Pricing transparent and clear
  • No hidden fee
  • Safe and secure data
  • No extra cost
  • Easy of Use
  • Customer support

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List Of Top 10 Web Based Collaboration Tools For Small Business

When your employees spend a lot of time work in the field, it can be challenging to organize and manage projects. Today, increase number of companies, either small business or large enterprise, are using collaborative software tools to be more efficient, productive, and competitive.

  1. WRIKE

Wrike is an award-winning software for online project management. It has offices in the US, Ireland, and Russia, and customers in 130 countries around the world.

The Company founded in 2006 and based in San Jose, California. It offers work management and collaboration platform that allows users to manage projects and teams, with a strong focus on efficiency and collaboration.

It is one of the best Web Based Collaboration Tools.


  • Task management
  • Interactive timeline
  • Real-time newsfeed
  • Recurrent tasks
  • Workload management
  • Time-tracking
  • Google Docs, Dropbox, Box integrations
  • Email integration
  • Document collaboration
  • Discussions in functions
  • iPhone and Android apps
  • Task prioritization
  • Customized reports

Wrike software offers five enterprise plan. They are Wrike Free Plan, professional, business plan, marketer, enterprise package. They have iPhone, and Android apps are available for all packages, including the starter pack.

It offers integrations with almost every platform includes Gmail, Salesforce, Box, Google Drive, One Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, JIRA, Outlook, Okta, Github, Email, SAML, Slack, Marketo, Hubspot, and many more.


Slack is a communication king. It acts as one tool for all and seamlessly allows multiple integrations with so many third-party applications.

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It is a messaging app that brings all your communication together in one place and founded by Stewart Butterfield. The company offers real-time messaging, archiving and search for current teams.

Slack is a messaging platform for teams that brings all communication together, create a single untied archive accessible through powerful search.


  • Native apps for iOS and Android
  • Powerful search
  • Read-state synchronization
  • Flexible notifications
  • Search inside Word docs, Google Docs, Photoshop files, PDFs
  • Integrates with dozens of services
  • Support for private groups and direct messaging
  • Sync with desktop, iPhone/iPad or Android device
  • Two built-in native file types
  • Webhooks and an open API
  • Integrations with Google Docs and Dropbox
  • Search conversations and individual messages
  • Snippets: for capturing blocks of raw text, log files, code
  • Support for both Google and Apple emoji styles
  • Built-in internal and external sharing option
  • Configurable notifications for desktop, mobile push, and email
  • Create open channels
  • Desktop and mobile messaging, file sharing and notifications

Slack offers four types of plan. They are free, standard, plus and an enterprise. It saves you tons of time associated with emails and status update meetings.


Asana is a complete project management solution that allows team members to track everything they work. The product launched commercially in April 2012.

It founded in 2008 by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and ex-Google-and-Facebook engineer Justin Rosenstein. Asana is a project and task management app that facilitates team communication and collaboration.


  • Activity Feed
  • Add assignees, attachments, and hearts to tasks
  • Get notifications and reminders
  • iPhone support, HTML5 mobile site
  • Multiple workspaces
  • Project Sections and Search Views
  • Real-time updates
  • See team members’ works and priorities
  • Set goals, priorities, and due dates
  • Set project permissions
  • Project and task creation
  • Comment on tasks
  • Task dependencies
  • Gantt Charts
  • Kanban support
  • Automatic updates to email/inbox
  • Create custom calendars and views
  • Email bridge
  • My Tasks list and Focus Mode
  • Track tasks and add followers

You can use Asana to create projects and works within the plans, and follow the progress of those tasks from various browser and devices.

It has three plans. That is free, premium, and enterprise plan. The project management solution can integrate with several PM and SaaS productivity applications, such as Dropbox, Google Calendar, Pivotal Tracker, Evernote, Instagantt, Zapier, Slack.


Podio is a cloud-based collaboration space, designed to be an all-inclusive project management tool. Users can create apps for projects, campaigns, leads, deliverables, content calendars, and much more.

The Podio app market allows users to search for and use over 700 industry-specific apps to set up a collaboration space. Create and customize apps is as simple as dragging and dropping from a combination of field types, including text, relationship, link, progress and more.


  • Connected CRM
  • Project Management
  • Integrated Chat
  • Full Customization
  • Web & Mobile Compatible
  • Social Collaboration
  • Task Management
  • Granular Access
  • Calendar
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Personal Dashboards
  • Automated Workflows
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Data Visualization

It gets to work in sync with structured content, conversations, and processes all under one platform, allowing people to concentrate on what needs to do. They have four plans. That is basic, plus, premium, and Enterprise.

Podio seamlessly integrates with many file sharing tools, including Google Drive, Dropbox, GoToMeeting, Box, and Evernote. It also integrates with external calendar services, like Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar.


Trello is a project management app designed to help individuals and teams collaborate. It is mainly a free service that lets users work with an unlimited number of boards, lists, and cards.

It was launched in 2011 by Frog Creek Software as a free app. In 2017, it acquired by Atlassian, the vendor of Jira Software.

Trello offers apps for iPhone/iPad, Android phones, watches, tablets, and Kindle Fire tablets. It works on the internet at any screen size.

It refers to as boards. Each board categorizes using lists, with each list including individual cards that have further details on a project, such as the team members involved, task checklists, discussions and comments.


  • Assign tasks
  • Voting feature
  • Information retrieval and back-up
  • SSL encryption of data
  • Texts and visuals fit any screen size
  • In-line editing
  • Checklists, with the progress meter
  • Easy uploading of files and attachments
  • Data filtering
  • Archiving of card records
  • Deadline reminders
  • Mobile functionality to access boards on the go
  • Developer API
  • Email notifications
  • Activity log
  • Free or zero pricing for the basic service
  • The quick overview on front and back of cards
  • easy organization with tags, label, and categories
  • Drag and drop functionality

It Integration with an unlimited number of apps such as Salesforce, Slack, Google Hangouts, Github and Evernote. They have four plans. That is free, The Business Class, Trello Gold, and Enterprise plan.


Monday is a great project and team management tool. Their product is a project and team management tool that allows teams to manage and monitor tasks and projects, and communicate with each other.

It can boost the performance of any business. You can connect to Dropbox, Zapier, Google Drive, and similar sharing and management tools.

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You will able to create boards, where you track your tasks and everything your teamwork. There are already some existing board templates you can use to quickly create a board for sales, marketing, HR, development, administration, and more.


  • A collaboration tool for multiple employees
  • Many communication tools
  • A visual display of progress
  • Integrations: Dropbox, Google Drive
  • Knowledgebase – auto-generated
  • Motivational tool
  • New employees can hit the ground running
  • Personal and public Boards
  • You can copy and paste from Adobe
  • You can leave live comments on visuals
  • Zero emails and meetings overhead
  • An Execution Board
  • Easy collaboration
  • Easy communication
  • Get updates based on relevance
  • Email notifications – get notified by email
  • Email updates – send updates by email

Monday accessed from any browser, iOS, and Android device. There are four types of plans. That is the Basic package, the Standard package, Pro package, and Enterprise package.


Smartsheet is an application that is used to make collaboration and work management tasks more manageable. It’s designed to do planning, tracking, automating and reporting on work projects seamless, allowing teams to work together on the project.

It integrates seamlessly with top cloud productivity applications, including Google G-Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Box, DocuSign, Skype for Business, Zapier, DropBox, OneDrive, Marketo and Evernote and accessed from almost any browser or device and supports seamless integrations with Salesforce, Box, and other Google applications.

It collaborates on projects and tasks such as managing operations, tracking marketing campaigns, and planning events and friendly platform.


  • Social Media
  • Custom Branding
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Customizable Workspace
  • File Sharing
  • Alerts & Reminders
  • Card View
  • Gantt Cards
  • Automated Reporting
  • Email/Ticket
  • Live Chat
  • Project Templates
  • Contact Management
  • Discussion Board
  • Email Integration
  • Project Management
  • Version Control
  • Brainstorming

Smartsheet has four pricing plans, which include: Individual, Team, Business, and Enterprise. It has a trial version that allows you to test out the tool for 30 days.


Clarizen is a comprehensive project management solution and enterprise-grade solution that ties powerful project management. This online project management solution provides customized systems for project managers, IT teams, professional services, Agile development, and marketing teams.

It integrates with Salesforce, Google Drive, Box, Intacct, Intuit QuickBooks, iCal and Jira, as well as a collection of mobile-based applications.

Clarizen combination of active project management and high-quality social collaboration feature. The methodology means draft versions of the plan. Explained in simpler terms, it means that each task gets its flexible baseline that can respond to real-time.


  • Risk Management
  • File Sharing
  • Scheduling
  • Professional Services Management
  • Issue Tracking
  • Workforce Management
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Knowledge Management
  • Methodology
  • Template customization
  • Budget Tracking
  • Resource Management
  • Mobile App for iPhone and Android
  • Project Hierarchy
  • Role & Assignment Per Project
  • Templates
  • Collaborative Planning
  • Task Management
  • Issue Tracking
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Personal Calendars
  • Project Percentage Completion Report
  • Real-Time Team Updates
  • Expenses

All-in-one task-tracking and resource-management solution for analyzing every ongoing or future project. Clarizen offers three versions – professional, enterprise and unlimited.


Zoho Projects creates by Zoho Corporation and a suite of other online office management software. It founded in 1996 but the name different. In 2009 it named Zoho.

It used in a wide range of businesses and is especially suited for small to medium-level companies. Its project support in 16 different languages English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Turkish.

The Projects can be organized according to specific criteria and requirements or grouped by clients and individual users. Zoho Projects provides full email integration, you can import users from Zoho CRM, Mail Suite, and Google Apps, document editing, Scheduling Meetings, native mobile access, Project Organization, and the Calendar.


  • Time Logging
  • Invoicing
  • Project Budgeting
  • Expense Tracking
  • Resource Utilization
  • Kanban Board for Tasks and Issues
  • Forums and Discussions
  • Project Feed
  • Global/Project Dashboards
  • Custom widgets, views, and fields
  • Import from JIRA and Basecamp
  • Custom Permissions
  • Android app
  • Bitbucket Integration
  • Custom Domain

Zoho Projects has a free plan, and four paid plans: Standard, Express, Premium, and Enterprise. It offers a module called Issue Tracker for software companies to track issues and bugs within their projects. Users can monitor and organize topics by lists or Kanban methods, and rank them by deadlines, status or issue severity.

10. QUIP

Quip is a cloud-based project management and task collaboration solution. It is a straightforward application that provides an avenue for work teams to make living documents.

Users can create and edit spreadsheets, documents, and checklists in the system, and team members can chat and comment on files in real time.

It is easy to access all chats, docs, task lists, and spreadsheets through Android and iOS mobile devices as well as desktops. The company offers dedicated apps for iOS and Android. Users can also work offline, and documents synced.


  • Sharing Documents
  • Task List
  • Chat and Messaging
  • Spreadsheets
  • Access on Any Device, Anytime
  • Import and Export

You can import from Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, Google Docs, and more. It is available on a monthly subscription basis that includes support via email and phone. They have two plans – Monthly Payment,  Quip Enterprise Plan. Both are for paid users.

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Benefits of Using Web Based Collaboration Tools

Collaboration (Web Based Collaboration Tools) in the workplace has long heralded as a sign of an active, high-functioning team. The new age tools change the way interactions, discussion, and work.  The range of features like desktop sharing, whiteboards, polls, webinar, etc. Teamwork is one of the most crucial factors of the modern workplace.

  • Cost savings
  • Improved Communication
  • Keep Track of Projects easily
  • Remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Faster access to Knowledge and experts
  • The benefit of improving employee satisfaction
  • Cost savings from reduced travel
  • Better Decision Making
  • The tech-savvy
  • The speed of the work process
  • Greater flexibility
  • More effectively towards goals
  • Documents Stored secure and in all one space
  • Easy Reporting
  • Increased productivity
  • Increase Freelancing
  • Attract top talent

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A company can create channels to track and archive conversations around teams and projects to get things done. The Web Based Collaboration Tools provides the platform to do whatever you do that take your business to the new height.

These tools reduce the need to spend your valuable time scouring through emails, different versions, and notes to ensure your projects completed on time. In simple words, it Increases Your Productivity.

So, above I describe Top 10 Web Based Collaboration Tools For Small Businchangee change the fate of your company.

Team collaboration software (Web Based Collaboration Tools) is on demand. It from communication to project management, technology offers an abundance of options. Every day new online collaboration tools come out while existing ones are continually improving their features and functionality.

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When you come back here, I will be waiting for you in the comments!

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