Review ClixSense Scam or Legit Way To Make Money Online

Review ClixSense

Writing an article about Review CLIXSENSE the No-1 Ptc site in the world, I also answered its pros, cons, scam & legit & how to be successful in the business. It is for new peoples who want to join ClixSense. There are millions of members already joining the PTC websites.

What is Clixsense

Clixsense is PTC website that pays their members to view advertisements & complete surveys. You know this method, but this site is more than a PTC site. It is a GPT(Get paid to click) website. You can earn $0.001-0.02 for viewing advertisement & $0.20-$5 for surveys. As a free member, you can make some pocket money. Apart from this you also earn cash via referring other peoples.

Review ClixSense TO MAKE MONEY

Apart from this you also earn money via referring other peoples. Ads timing view is 3 sec – 30 sec it is the straightforward job to do.

Who can work with ClixSense

Good internet connection with computer

Work as free member & professional member

About Clixsense

Clixsense launched 2007 & still, it operates worldwide.

How to make money with Clixsense

Just click this link ClixSense click sign up  & register with the website. After you join you make payment via these methods. This guide may change the way you work in PTC. Check out PTC Rent Referrals Strategies with investment.

  • Get paid for view ads for 3-30 sec
  • Complete tasks by Crowdflower
  • Complete the surveys worth about $0.20- $5 per survey
  • Play games like casino games & other games
  • Clixgrid- try your luck, win up to $10
  • Complete offers in the offer section
  • Refers friends & peoples via your affiliate link
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Extra things about Clixsense

There is a Clixaddon system. When you use this method, there is an add-on app of Clixsense add in your browser. This medium was an excellent system when your account got surveys or ads to click then its show notification instantly. You never miss any study or commercials.

It has got a Daily Checklist bonus system where you get 16% bonus as a premium member & 7% as a standard member. The gratuity added at the end of the day.

If your referral has any problem with Clixsense, he/she can chat with you for advice & help via a system called “Clixsense chat.”

Banned In Some Country

You checked your country list in the sign-up section from I Review ClixSense & researched, it restricted to some countries like North Korea, Afganistan, Cuba, Vietnam, Iraq, Iran & Antarctica.

Premium Account vs. Free Account

As a premium member, you get better sign up the commission, better referral commission, more Clixgrid chance & more ads to click.

It cost $17 per year & $30 per 2 years to get Premium account. Below the image, you can see the difference.

(This is no longer available now it is free.)

Payment Methods

  • Withdraw limit – When you got $6  premium account & $8 standard member you can withdraw money via these methods.( This is no longer available)

Payment Screenshot 

You check out New Clixsense Review.



  • You can work as free member
  • As a free member, you can earn $2-$5 per day
  • Good referral earning if you get direct referral
  • As a premium member, you make more money
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  • Surveys geographically targeted. So, Europe, USA, UK get more survey as regards to other countries.
  • Some offers are the scams in the offer section & want your card information. Never fall into the trap.
  • If you can not refer other peoples, you can not make much money.
  • The advertisements in the Clix sense is not entirely trustworthy. Some are scam & some are legit. It is viewer risk to research, believe & join the company.
  • You get disqualified from surveys & learn how to avoid getting excluded from paid surveys.
  •  Many peoples already join & famousness. So, Hard to get direct referrals

( Disclosure: Some links in this post are affiliate links. We’re letting you know because it’s Honest Act to do. After all, it’s your right. You click this link & join I get a little commission. I only recommend opportunities I’ve researched and trust.)


After you read this, you get the idea how to work with Clixsense. This Review ClixSense is contains everything about Clixsense & I review, tested & write about it. Clixsense is a legitimate website to make money online with your free time.

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(Update on latest news about change in Clixsense)