Rapidworkers- Fraud or Legit? Review Bit By Bit.

Rapidworkers Review

Rapidworkers is a Micro job site. When talk about make money online there are enough sites on the web but what is suitable for everyone to work, earn & scam or legit. Getting started with this place is a piece of cake.

So, here I review the full details of everything the site that a newbie wants to know & makes sweet cash in the bank account. Check out top Microworker places in the world.

Rapidworkers the alternative microjob site

About & Contact the Company

RapidWorkers is a service of UnikScripts, Inc. They help individuals, small businesses and professionals to create low-cost publicity and marketing campaigns to increase sales, better ranking, backlinks, & traffic of the websites.

Anyone in any part of the world starts making money, use people help, to start boosting your website, blog, twitter, or different types services that available in their system.

If you want to know about something that describes not on their page or any mistake like account termination or something like that, You can contact them vis their Contact us page. You can also contact them via their facebook page.

What is Rapidworkers

RapidWorkers is a crowdsourcing service & also a Micro job site. The website is quite similar working ways like Microworkers. The interference of website is not good looking, but overall it is a good site where you can work. It is about connecting people who need something done fast at low costs with users who want to help &
Have a chance to make some quick money. Check out gigs that change micro jobs industry & make more refreshing.

It is available for two types of people that are Employer or Worker. You can be an Employer or a Worker with the same account. The moto is employers post tasks in the system, workers accept assignments, complete the jobs & get paid. 

How To Register

As an international site, anywhere in the world, you can join as free. You are allowing only to create, use one account. If you use VPN or create any other account in the system, then terminated from the system. You can follow things to register this site. Look out for education websites that are unknown.

  • Full name
  • Email id
  • Strong password
  • Countries of residency

These items must describe, so the system accepts you well. Register link below.

Jobs & Works

There is various type of services provided by the employers. Mostly are for international members, but some tasks are for only specified geolocation countries. Find out online courses website learn.

  • Write an Article
  • Discuss your product or service in a forum
  • Follow on Twitter
  • Sell forum signatures 
  • Blog about product
  • Put your banner on their website
  • Upload videos to where you want
  • Digg your site
  • Join a Facebook group
  • Add someone to Facebook, Myspace, etc. friends list
  • Vote for you
  • Sign up with your referral link
  • Tell their opinion
  • Review Amazon product & write article about the product
  • Visit site & click an advertisement 

Once you logged in, you can see the works available to you. The actions are straightforward & you complete the tasks in just 2-5 minutes.

There are some factors you should remember when you work on the site.

  • If you are a Worker, You must maintain your Success rate above 60% at all times. The highest success rate gives you more jobs.
  • Always provide the best proof to the client.

How to do the Jobs

The international work means everyone can do this job in any country. Do the work If the task suitable & understand otherwise, you lose your success rate.

After following the request of the client from any work then submit proof in the box provide the system. If client required screenshot then clicks screen & upload it to http://prtsc.ca/. Then you got a link, send that link to the client.

Other things about the site

You can complete the task  & see them task I finished tab. You can also see the status, payment paid by the client.

There are some things about some tasks that are different & look like the fraud. 

  • Check these things when you do the tasks. Some clients demand download software, text files but that contains the virus. 
  • Use different Gmail id  for sign up programmes


  1. How much can you earn

You earn $1-3 per day for ongoing tasks. Check out legitimate paid survey sites.

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2. Geolocation problem

If you live in USA, UK, NZ, CANDA you get the maximum opportunity. The other countries get jobs, but not that type works provide by company. The countries mentioned above also get maximum money per task. The rate is also very different from these countries.


You can place a withdrawal request if your balance is $8.00 over. Check out top & 15 international payment processor in the world.

  • Payments sent via PayPal & Skrill  ONLY

Check out Skrill review.

  • Payments processed (Maximum 1 week after placing a withdrawal request)
  • 6% fees Paypal and 8% Skrill



  • Free register & earn money same day
  • Paypal payment
  • $1 for sign up
  • No qualify test
  • Faster payment ( 7-12 days)
  • Good support
  • Withdrawl limit is low as $8


  • Provide meager jobs
  • Geo-targeting problem
  • Low payment per jobs
  • The website looks unprofessional 


Overall Rapidworkers is an excellent opportunity to make money online. It is a legit site & the simple way to make extra cash when you are free. If you are a newbie, then you are in the right place. Find out & experience the difference between every work.

I hope you find the article related to your search & Make your free time productive. So, try this website & share your experience in the comment box.