King Of PTC NeoBux Review To Make Money Online

NeoBux Review

Here we talk about PTC site NeoBux Review to make money online. Neobux is called King of PTC & it is the most popular website in the PTC industry. So, how to build up a strategy for daily income & successful in the PTC industry with NeoBux.

What is NeoBux

NeoBux is PTC website where you can make money online via just view advertisements. You earn only $0.001- $ 0.01 for viewing 3-5 sec ads.

NeoBux Review to make money online ptc

However, to make money online with NeoBux you need to follow the right way to succeed in the Ptc industry. This strategy makes the difference between clicking cents advertisement to convert them into dollars.

About NeoBux

NeoBux launched in 2008. Now it is the most popular PTC website.

How to make money with NeoBux

You click this link NeoBux then sign up & register with your email id. Just activate your Neobux id then you qualify for work. This guide may change the way you work in PTC. Check out PTC Rent Referrals Strategies with investment.

Get paid to view advertisements

  • You can make money via referring peoples & make them direct referrals
  • You can also rent referrals  to make money with them
  • Mini-jobs provided by Crowd Flower. Take them & make money.
  • There are other third-party offers to take a survey, complete some suggestions to download an app via Apple app store or Google play, Installed & play a game to earn some points, coins. I never preferred this way because most of them are scams.
  • Try your luck to win prizes in Adprize.
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Premium Account vs. Free Account

As a free or standard member, you can make a little money. You also get a small amount of money from your rent, or direct referrals click.

Payment Methods

When you get $2 in the account, you can withdraw via these methods.

  • Payza
  • Skrill
  • Neteller


  • You can work as free & professional members
  • Good referrals earning with direct references
  • As an upgraded member you can make more money (Note- Every day you view ADS otherwise you lost your referrals money)


  • Most of the offers are scam in offer section
  • When you rent in the system,  Some Rent referrals not view ads regularly
  • You can lose your money rent referral system if you do not work properly
  • As a free member, it is tough to make money
  • It’s famous & many peoples already join this. So, Hard to get direct referrals

As per rule TOS 1.6, 1.7 you can write any bad things about them & you can work only through only IP address, if you break any law then you account got deactivated.

( Disclosure: Some links in this post are affiliate links. We’re letting you know because it’s Honest Act to do. After all, it’s your right. You click this link & join I get a little commission. I only recommend opportunities I’ve researched and trust.)


After all, you want to make money with Neobux  I say you must have patience. Important things to mention NeoBux is legit PTC website to make money online. If anyone any doubts about NeoBux Review then contact me in the contact section or email me.

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