Photo Stitcher Review : Merge multiple photos & create panorama

Photo Stitcher Review: Merge multiple photos and create the panorama

Photo Stitcher is a photo combiner and panorama-stitching program from Vertexshare Limited, and Here you get the full tutorial of Photo Stitcher Review, and You can create awesome images.

It enables users to combine pictures and create panorama pictures automatically. No special operations and all processes could be done within only one click.

Photo Stitcher Review - PhotoStitcher panoramic photo stitcher software combine multiple photos to produce panoramic image in a few clicks.

The camera in today’s’ mobile phones could provide advanced Panorama Mode. Moreover, you could get fantastic panorama photos by moving your camera horizontally along the path shown on the screen.

However, using some third party software to combine shattered pictures into a new panorama is necessary in many cases. Using Photoshop requires skills, and it may take quite a long time.

In this article, I will show you how to use the most straightforward method that saves you time.

Overview of Photo Stitcher (Photo Stitcher Review)

Photo Stitcher, just as the name indicated, is born for combining photos. Unlike PhotoShop or the Pain inbuilt in Windows system, Photo Stitcher is an all-in-one tool specialized in merging photos and creating panorama photos.

It is simple to use because of its modern-style interface. Powered by its algorithm, it could combine all images automatically.

It also provides some advanced features so you can adjust the spacing of each photo, decrease or increase the size of the picture by cropping. You can also choose different colors to optimize your photos. A watermark is a must-have option for protecting your privacy and copyright.

Photo Stitcher Review - Design awesome images

Here are some features of Photo Stitcher

Create horizontal and vertical scrolling screenshots

Design panorama photos automatically.

Editing the height and width of each photo

Arrange the scrolling screenshots with useful tools

Adding annotations

Compute arrows, rectangles, curves

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Support adding mosaic, watermark, mockups

Exporting HD photos

Sharing photos to your friends or social media

Minimal interface design, no advertising.

Universal application, compatible with all Windows/Mac software

Learn How to Use Photo Stitcher

It is quite simple to combine photos by using Vertexshare Photo Stitcher. Just follow the next steps.

Step1. Download and install Photo Stitcher from its official website.

Step2. Run and add your photos. After this step, you will find that all of the images have been combined automatically.

Step3. All you should do now is to rearrange the orders and change the orientation depends on your needs.

Step4. Crop each photo and add annotations if necessary.

Step5. Export the high definition of your combined photos.

Two Alternative Methods to Combine Photos

Photo Stitcher is not the only tool that you can use for photo combination. Here are two other choices that you can have a try.

Photo Joiner

Photo Joiner provides free services to create a collage. You should add your photos first and then select how many images you want to combine.

After that, drag and drop each picture to the correct position that you would like to show. It is easy to use, and it provides some options. You can customize the image size and border size, as well as border color.

However, you cannot crop the photos and add annotations, just like Photo Stitcher. You cannot use it to create panorama pictures. For photo combination, it is quite enough.


Aconvert provides the minimum services for users to merge image files. You can add your photos from the local computer, online data, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Then, select the orientation you want to combine these photos. Then submit your request and download it after a while.

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The service is fast, but the ads are quite annoying.

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Final Worlds

After comparison, I guess Photo Stitcher (Photo Stitcher Review) should be the best photo merger or combiner. Not only it could merge photos, but also providing all necessary high-level tools.

Therefore, it could enable you to combine pictures and create panorama photos professionally. More importantly, it is free to use, 100% offline. No data will be uploaded. So you should give Photo Stitcher a try.