Microworkers – Legit or Hoax? Review Step by Step

Microworkers Review

Microworkers is one of the best Crowdsourcing websites when making money on the internet. Most of the sites are the scams, but some are legit than others. So many Peoples in the world earn money online doing some simple Micro work jobs. So, here I am going to introduce. Make money online without any specializes technology with your own time via this particular website called Microworkers.com.

It is the pretty site to work on & it is one of the best legitimate sites on the internet to make money online. Check out top Microworker places in the world.


About & Contact The Company

Microworkers is a service of Weblabcenter, Inc. office based in Dallas, TX. The online platform connects employers as well as workers from all around the world. You can contact them at:

Weblabcenter, Inc.
2591 Dallas Parkway, Suite 300
TX 75034
The United States

What is Microworkers.com

Microworkers is an International ingenious online platform where Employers and Workers from around the world are working in micro jobs & get paid. It is a website that helps you make money by completing a variety of tasks. Check out gigs that change micro jobs industry & make more refreshing.

The Moto is Employers post-tasks, while Workers that complete jobs get paid. The tasks assigned to Workers and paid for by Employers are quick and straightforward, mostly completed in a few minutes.

How to Register 

Joining is free, and as an International site, anyone from any country can be a member & work with them. You can also work as both Worker and Employer at the same time with this company. If you are a student, retired person, professional, mom or from anyone above the age of 18, you can join the site as a worker. You can follow things to register this site.

  • Full name (original name)
  • Email id
  • Strong Password
  • Countries of residency
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You can join as an employer and get your job done. As a worker, there is no limit to how many works you can accept to work. Click this link to register.

Jobs & Works

Two types of situations are Hire Group JOBS & SIMPLE JOBS. Hire group jobs are frequently updated & short time. So you have to make the quick reaction to it.

  • Write an Article
  • Discuss, Review or Comment on your product or service on a forum or other blogs
  • Follow you on Twitter or other Social Sharing Site
  • Forum posting
  • Blog about your product  Put your banner or link on their website
  • Upload or Download videos, applications, ebooks, etc.
  • Bookmark your website (Digg, Stumbleupon, etc.)
  • Join a Facebook group, Like your Facebook page,
  • Add comment to existing conversation
  • Post on Facebook Wall
  • Add a Facebook application, Join an event
  • Add someone to Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc. friends list
  • Vote for you, for a contest entry, an article, image or video
  • Sign up with your referral link
  • Subscribe to Newsletters, RSS feeds
  • Transcribe or Translate Audio, Image, Video, and Text
  • Extract Data
  • Test an application or website

Once you have logged in, you can see all the work available to you. The tasks are straightforward & you complete the mission in 5 minutes. So, you make little money out of these functions.

There are some critical factors you should remember when working on the site.

  • Success rate: – It does not affect Hire Group” jobs. If Your Success rate is 100%, you get more basic jobs.
  • Temporary Success rate: – Temporary Success rate is real-time rate used to determine how many jobs you can accept per day. It changes as you receive new assignments.
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How to do the jobs

You can open any work suitable for you. Never do any work you understand fully, it effects on your success rate.

After following the instruction, doing the work you can provide proof in the following box.

 OTHER THINGS about the site

Complete ten tasks in a particular category to earn a star. The higher the number of your Satisfied works, the more stars will get you. There are different types of separate division of tasks.

There is something you check about a job, then take out.

  • Time to rate (in days)
  • Time to finish (in minutes)
  • Done- how much do this work & remain how much?


You can go to withdrawal tab, choose the payment method that suitable to you. Check out top 15 payment processor worldwide.

  • You need to earn at least $9 + fees to cash out from this site
  • Paypal (PayPal – 7.50%)
  • Skrill (Moneybookers)  (Skrill/ Dwolla – 6.50%)

Check out Skrill review.

  • Local Funds Transfer via Transpay – 3.00% + $1.00 for Non-USD transfer/$3.00 for USD transfer)
  • Payoneer – you need to earn at least $20 + 5.00% fee.
  • Dwolla

On every Wednesday and Sunday Payments to Workers & sent twice a week, Requested withdrawal amount using Bank Transfer via Transpay may credit, to your local bank within 3-5 banking days.

COMPLAINS (Problem & Slove answers)


There are most questions about Recieve pin. If your address & name is right as per your account, you get the PIN in 20-30 days in your following place.

So, if you want no more to receive PIN then choose Dwolla, Local Funds Transfer or Payoneer for withdrawal. That means you will no longer ask for a PIN verification.

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If you mistakenly wrote your address wrong or other wrong things, then you can change that as per site rule via their system called SUPPORT. Click the tab & get your answers.


If you have work every job available, you earn $1-$ ten a day. So, you can make pocket money with this site. Check out legitimate paid survey sites.


Yes, this site is legit.



  • Free to register & earn money same day
  • Paypal payment & other payment options
  • Pays better than other micro job websites
  • Easy jobs
  • $1 for join
  • Website interface looks professional


  • Address problem (sometimes it make problems)
  • Sucess rate
  • PIN problem for cashout (physical)
  • Meager jobs
  • Poor support for blocked account type  of questions
  • First payment late


In my opinion, Microworkers is legit site & you can earn money via this. I would recommend this site to everyone to make some extra buck in your spare time. The company is a good place to start without any technical knowledge. But keep in mind, Just follow instruction & complete simple jobs.

Overall who are new to make money online the site is the best option & real easy money to earn money via their creative, excellent site worldwide.