Is Picture Colorizer the best choice for colorizing?

Is Picture Colorizer the best choice for colorizing?

ImageColorizer is an old black and white picture colorizer tool powered by AI technology. Do you know the importance of image colorization technology?

Image colorization is a new concept, but it can offer you a bunch of excellent benefits. For example, colorization can help your old black and white images better and more interesting.

Consider a situation when you have old family photos; do you wish to offer them a revamped makeover? If yes, then you can definitely use this technology so that those old images become truly colorful and compelling. Well, these colorized images will look more realistic as well.

And, once you have these family photos colorized, you can then present them to your existing family members, and they will surely appreciate the revamped, colored makeover of those past photos. Apart from colorizing the family pictures, you can even use this technology to coloring up any of the old images that you wish to provide a nice makeover.

Since you have now revealed the benefits of colorization technology, you must now be looking for the right tool that allows you to take advantage of it? If yes, then please keep reading and reveal a detailed overview of Picture Colorizer – the best tool to colorize black and white images.

What Is Picture Colorizer?

Picture Colorizer is an advanced tool that comes with loads of excellent features and benefits. The primary benefit of this tool is that it allows you to colorize the old photos.

Picture Colorizer - Method involves adding a Solid Color adjustment layer for every aspect of the photo
Turn black and white photos to color with AI.

Interested to find out how this tool works? Well, the tool uses a core logic that is dependent on the artificial intelligence algorithm.

The artificial intelligence algorithm ensures that the software can automatically analyze the photo you have uploaded, then scan through the picture, and picks an ideal color effect to apply.

The color selection is made based on the pattern recognition algorithm i.e. the tool detects the surrounding, objects, and background of the image and then it applies the most suitable color to it.

Here is the before & after image: 

About And Faq

You can check their BLOG.


You can subscribe to our yearly plan, including the premium yearly plan and pro yearly plan. The license key will be delivered automatically to your email. You can use the key for activation.

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You can also purchase the software directly and get the lifetime license key, only $29.95. Pay once and use forever. Please note, the enhanced feature will be included in the next versions.


We also provide an Image Colorizer App for users to colorize old pictures and enhance them on your iOS/Android phones. It includes in-app purchases so you can use the advanced features.

You can also subscribe to the Pro yearly plan to get a redeem code. By using this code, you can get the Image Colorizer App for free!

The latest version of Image Colorizer Apps supports both colorization and enhancement.


Currently, we support PayPal and credit cards.


Sure thing! You can upgrade the account by purchasing the subscription directly. If you want to downgrade and cancel your current subscription, please send us an email so we will handle this. You can also cancel the subscription on your PayPal account.

We will add features so you can cancel your subscription in your account center.


Currently, please send us an email so I can remove your account information manually. We will add the feature to your account center soon.


Please note, the subscription plans on our website are a recurring payment. You will be charged on the same day next month or next year in case of the yearly subscription.


If you want more credits for each month, please contact us directly.


Of course. No information and pictures will be stored. All uploaded items will be cleared every 24 hours.

How to use?

You have already revealed the importance and benefits of Picture Colorizer. If you are now interested to use this tool, then quickly take a look at the sections below where you will find the detailed step-by-step guideline.

Step#1: First of all, you will need to download the tool, install it, and launch the application.

Step#2: Now, add your image that you want to colorize by using the Add Images button.

Step#3: Click on the Colorize! the icon next so that the tool processes the image and applies the right color.

Step#4: Please save your changes by clicking on the Save As button.

That’s it! If you have already followed the above four steps, you will be ready to colorize an image without any issue.

Understand the benefits of Picture Colorizer

The tool lets you colorize any old photos.

You can use the tool for free, so please feel free to give it a try!

The tool works so fast and hence it requires no manual hassles.

You can fine-tune the other parameters of the image like denoise, hue, saturation, and also add filter effects using the same tool.

How to add color to part of the black and white photo

Sometimes, we do not need to colorize the whole B&W photos but just want to add color to part of it. In this way, you will get some amazing effects that we called “Color Splash Effect”. By using Picture Colorizer, you can get such a result in only three steps simply.

Step 1: Open a B&W picture you want to colorize

Step 2: Click the “Brush” button and select “Mask Color”. Use your mouse to mask the area you want to add color.

Step 3: Click the “Blend Color” button and a new window will show up. Select the color, click “Confirm” and you will see the result.

You can learn more about this function by going here:

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Picture Colorizer is allowing you to colorize any of the old images for free! The tool delivers fabulous results and it’s really easy to use. Please do not think twice, download, install, and use it today.