How To Identify Fake Websites And Verify Website Authenticity?

Identify Fake Websites And Verify Website Authenticity

There are many scam companies online, and here you know the process, tricks to know about How To Identify Fake Websites And Verify Website Authenticity?  Every day new companies got the online presence. They turn into the scam these days.

Verify Website Authenticity - know the difference and protect yourself from potential fraudulent activity.

Due to high computer Awareness among people in recent years, millions of people are ready to work in their free time that too from their home.

We have all dream of being able to earn a better income from the comfort of the sofa and without investment. It means people are lazy day by day. They want everything gets out quickly.

Most peoples want to make money online quickly. So, they try shortcuts. Without knowledge, they get into the subject. So, that how people fall into scams.

They fool the people by showing many fake things. So, here is the guide on how to save your cash, time, frustration and waste energy.

People are tired of scams online. Want to avoid the situation here I describe How To Identify Fake Websites And Verify Website Authenticity? Let’s start.

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Factors To Consider Identify Fake Websites And Verify Website Authenticity

There are a large number of fraudulent websites out there. In this digital era, we use social networking sites, banking portal, e-commerce portals.

You log and pay into these sites. The sites stored your crucial information. Now and then many places hack, or they create similar sites stole your credit card information. So, this article (Verify Website Authenticity) will help you identify the fake websites.

Why Do People Fall in Scams?

Due to people greediness, they fall into scams.

There are different types of phrases used by scammers to lure the peoples. That describes below; these common phrases used by scammers.

  • Want to make money first
  • Shortcuts
  • Gambling – Take the risk and earn huge
  • Payment Screenshot
  • Autopilot make money system phrase
  • Secret Formula
  • Money Making Software
  • The short period

My Stroy (Identify Fake Websites And Verify Website Authenticity)

When I was a beginner, I also get the into the scam. In 2010-11 I google. There are many websites. I read as many I can.

But there are some websites that state that you can make money in less than one week. I do not remember the exact amount, but I lost $25 in data entry scam.

Many other sites paid you to read emails, views ads, fake affiliate products and many shortcuts ways to make money online. I tried in some PTC sites, survey websites.

Here you can check out List Of 101 Free Survey Sites To Make Money Online.

But I lost money and time Ptc rent referral, some scam survey sites, data entry, read emails and some con programmes the state that gives your email, gets secretly formula of making money.

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So, I lost almost $100 in scams. If I know the tricks, then I avoid How To Identify Fake Websites And Verify Website Authenticity?

It was a short story of mine. But this guide to Identify Fake Websites And Verify Website Authenticity save a lot of time and money.

Useful Guides : –

How to Spot a Fake website? (Verify Website Authenticity)

When you visit places, and you suspect that it’s not for real, there are a few tell-tale signs, the factor that you should look. That describe below.

  • Secure Sign

E-commerce and banking websites have to have the HTTPS protocol, which is reflected in their web address, as secure.

If you decided to trust and buy from that shopping website, then go to the Checkout page where you choose your payment method and Enter your payment information. Always look at the URL bar of your browser and green sign.

HTTP = Bad
HTTPS = Good

  • View Certificate Details

This medium is for advanced user details. When you click on the certificate information, you will get all of the information.

  • Domain Name

A Domain name is the Address of a website which you enter in your browser to go to a website. Some fraudulent sites use a domain name similar to a brand name.

They look very similar to the existing website, but there is some difference. Fake sites often have a lot of extra symbols.

The scam websites use Long and Hyphenated domain names with popular Keywords. Remember that Legit branded sites use Short and Catchy domain names. They do not use dash or hype.

  • Whois lookup

You can check the Whois information, which is the information about the domain owner. If there is no means of contact, who is the owner, and who is operating the company then you know it is the scam.

So, it is better to avoid those online companies. To check whois information of the website goes to whois lookup tool like Icann whois search,

  • Custmor And Contact Support

You can take a look at the contact page. Most fake websites leave their contact page with just a contact form and nothing else. NO contact E-mail address, Phone number, physical address.

  • Professional Look

A legit website always cares about the users. So they keep the design of their website make comfortable for the user to Navigate, neat and clean. Scam websites use many ads, pop-ups to make fast money. So, avoid them.

But Nowadays some scam website also use professional layout. So, check out different things to research about legitimate. The information describes above.

  • Make Money Online Quickly

Collect money online is a better way to get a good income. The only problem is that many of these are scams (98%) and only a few are legit. The right way to Passive Income from 121 Ways To Make Money Online.

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They not only take advantage of people and play with your minds with the legitimate phrase. Now they search everywhere how to make money fast. There are some sites claim that they can make up to $10 per click and make money by reading emails.

Most scam site shows how to make money quickly when you are sleeping. After that, find outfall into prey, complain about some relevant forums, social website and many related sites.

You are never rich by doing surveys, PTC sites or make $10 per one click. So, first, I try to suggest not fall into the scams when you saw these phrases. Keep the safe distance from these types of sites.

So, I recommended working on these sites as Swag BucksToluna.comPaidviewpoint, Cinchbucks, and Clixsense to make a decent income.

Make Money Guides

  • Only show money and sale page

There are some websites show sale page, expensive cars, cute girls, holidays. But they never explain how to earn it, how system work.

Just post some stupid boring videos or join via email to get details. Never fall into the trap you can not make money overnight with their system.

  • Read some online reviews

Look at reviews from different sources. You also check out their social media pages. But nowadays There are also fake reviews.

If you saw the same copy lines, groups, new users review or only describe pros, then you know that it is fake.

  • Short Time Period

Companies provide hugely return within the short period on investments. Thats believe by many peoples, but it is a scam to make people invest.

Some sites claim to pay $1 to $7 just by viewing 1 ad for some seconds. Example – Sevendollarptc, Twodollarclick. These are the total waste of time.

  • Special Discount at the end or Limited time offer

When you came across a website suddenly a popup arrived and the special offer to join, very few chances left. Do not participate in the sites because they scammed.

  • Autopilot Passive Income

To start up a business, you have worked hard to get successful. Some companies claim you make money overnight without do nothing.

Do not accept these offers it is idiotic, and I say the people who get into this they are the fools.

  • Payment Screenshot

Some companies can make fake payment proofs and screenshots very easily. After that they posted into social media, forums to look real.

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So, it means they are not legit. So, check out, the sustainability business model to get the right things. I am not saying that every company payment proof is fake.

  • Phishing emails

If out of nowhere companies direct contact you, it’s about won some big money. For that money, they claim some deposits. Thats how they cheat people.

  • Deposit and receive money

When you work in different PTC sites or some companies and reach to cash out, they tell to deposit money and activate the withdraw process.

Do not pay anything, thats how you lose your money.

  • Rent Referral

Many PTC sites give two options to refer. One is direct, and the second is rent. Direct involve is the hard part, so many people fall into the lease.

Many peoples lost money in rent referring. Example – Neobux, Familyclix. My advice never rent referrals in PTC sites because most chances suggest that you lose money.

  • Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau helps people find and recommend businesses, brands and charities they can trust.

  • Trust your Browser

If you use browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari make them update. They have built-in features that let you know about the website.

  • Use Browser plugins

Just download and install WOT browser extension. When you visit the website, the plugin gets Green, yellow and red colour.

Green = secure

yellow = Moderate

Red = danger

How To Never fall into Trap?

  • Greediness is the most critical factor. So, stop and control your mind.
  • Make money online is not hard. But check out everything about the website to find legit.
  • Use update Browsers
  • Use plugin like WOT
  • Check out BBB rating
  • check up
  • Never involve in shortcut ways to make money – you never rich overnight.

Don’t lose your money to online scam artists. Fraud is now at record levels. Spotting a fake, fraudulent website can be difficult.

But with this guide (Verify Website Authenticity), it is not too hard to spot a fake website once you gain with a little bit of knowledge. The internet is the best place for doing countless activities.

With the age of the internet, scammers managed to get even more clever and apply tricks to get your hard earn money.

There are new types of scams invented all the time. So protect yourself and your cash. Don’t be in a hurry and don’t let the bad guys win.

It is also full of the con. Evolution of the internet makes our life easier but make your self-learn and save yourself from scammers.

When you come back here, I will be waiting for you in the comments!

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