How To Avoid Getting Disqualified From Paid Surveys

How To Avoid Getting Disqualified From Paid Surveys: Survey disqualification is one of most frustration thing while you get to avoid survey disqualification in middle of it. You just wasted your time. Time is money. Sometimes it may be your fault, but you don’t know there are some things you can prevent to avoid survey disqualification.

There are three types of survey disqualification, i.e., screen out, disqualified for the survey, quota full. Screen out & quota complete means you are too late for surveys. Rejection means you are doing something wrong knowingly or unknowingly.

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The newest survey panels members always ask “why didn’t I qualify for surveys?” & “How To Avoid Getting Disqualified From Paid Surveys?” There are many reasons why you may not qualify for survey panels. Survey companies make money through your opinions. They want specific demographic people opinions, particular age group answer.

So, the bottom line is I have joined many survey panels through the years, I have made a silly mistake disqualify for surveys. I have tried the different method to avoid disqualification from the poll. From my experience, I have a guide on how to qualify for every study & How To Avoid Getting Disqualified From Paid Surveys.

How To Avoid Getting Disqualified From Paid Surveys

How To Avoid Getting Disqualified From Paid Surveys

1. Complete whole sign up process

When you sign up some survey panel, you answer all the question honestly. Some survey panels want your free answers to sign up forms. Correctly & correctly fill up registered form give you stand out from the crowd. This medium first starts up affect your second process to avoid survey disqualification. You can also learn about  Legitimate paid survey sites.

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2. Update your profile account

Right after you join in survey panels, they ask you a couple of questions to determine what type of person you are. They want specific about your age country, household, house old item like (cars), brought some particular product last three month, income, etc.

So, complete your profiles truthfully & update. Do not ever lie to survey panels; it causes your account frozen, you lost all your money. Up to date profile gets more surveys & avoid survey disqualification.

3. Be an early bird

Make a separate email id for taking the polls. Manage your time to take the study. Always try to complete the survey when you got it because some survey companies may want 100  people opinions, specific demographics, specific age people. When you miss the chance at first, you got the screen out or quota full & lost your opportunity. So, always be an early bird. To avoid survey disqualification.

4. After getting in a survey

Surveys are various types of like social media, market-related, information technology, shopping, product related. They always ask the first question like this. Still, answer “none of these.”

5. Take your time to answer your survey

Surveys take 20-30 minute, but sometimes you got long survey & get the highest reward. Do rush through the study, if you complete 30-minute surveys in 7-8 minutes, then company detects that & redirect to the main page. Sometimes people get the frustration, without reading they check yes click next page. So, corporations drop quality check question in the middle of the survey. Understanding when you answer questions in the polls to avoid survey disqualification.

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6. Don’t deny yourself

Survey companies are designed to smart. When you start a survey, you defined your income, age group, work habit, the city where you live. So, the survey companies repeat those questions at the end of surveys. So, always answers truthfully to avoid survey disqualification.

7. Know when to overdo

Some survey panels can ask this question like “Have you taken any market research in last 1 or 3 months”.  So, if you say yes you to that matter, then you disqualify. To avoid that situation always answer no to this. Survey companies do not want the professional answer that same question again.

8. Information on your screen survey

The screener survey usually is starting the primary poll. The main reason is that survey companies want to they want the best candidates fit for their study. So, always answer correctly to avoid survey disqualification. This medium is another vital reason How To Avoid Getting Disqualified From Paid Surveys.

9. System error

You answer all the question correctly, but you got disqualified after the end of the survey while rewarding. Sometimes due to the system error, this happens. So, this happened then contact the survey panel with email id. Describe the issue, give them survey number if applicable, provide proper details with a request that they look into this problem. From my experience & most of the cases, they credited money to the account in some business days.

Extra Things

  • Age is necessary (20-35)
  • Graduate is applicable
  • Full-time job (office executive, junior officer)
  • Chief wager of your family
  • Mother, Baby ( not older than 18), if  baby 3 or 4 years its good
  • Purchasing something new product like a car, home, take a loan, bank product, car tires survey companies want to know about it.

I don’t want you to give the false answers to survey companies, always answers honestly. For being sake to avoid survey disqualification you have “stretching the truth”.like I said in point no (7. know when to overdo).

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When new members of the survey sites, they always ask “How to qualify for the surveys.” It is damn frustrating when you disqualified for surveys. You can apply these tricks to “How To Avoid Getting Disqualified From Paid Surveys?”. Hopefully, you enjoyed these tricks & helpful to you. Again lastly I say always answers question truthfully & honestly.

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