Hit Predictor Review – Is This Site Legit Or Scam?

Hit Predictor Review – Is This Site Legit Or Scam?

Listening to music online is a habit for most of us, and here we discuss the platform provided by Hit Predictor Review – Is This Site Legit Or Scam?

Hit Predictor Review -  fun and easy way to hear new and music and get rewarded

Everybody loves to listen to music when they are stress, happy, sad or any mood. It is one of the global entrainment that changes everyone in different ways. Check out top 4 get paid to listen to music Sites.

What if you get paid to do your favourite work like listen to music and it possible for the platform called Hit Predictor.

Due to high computer Awareness among people in the recent years, millions of people are ready to work in their free time that too from their home and Paid To Listen To Music Online is one of the fun, easy ways to make passive income from home. The proper way to Passive Income from 121 Ways To Make Money Online.

In this Hit Predictor Review, you know about how you work, make money and finally is it legit or con. You should know that you can not make huge money form this work and but you can make some pocket money. Lets Start.

( Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. We’re letting you know because it’s Honest Act to do. After all, it’s your right. I only recommend opportunities I’ve researched and trust.)

What Is Hit Predictor?

HitPredictor is a website that will pay you to listen to music that has yet to be released. You can rate it and leave feedback. For this, you will get paid points for each song you listen to and rate.

If you like music, getting paid to listen and review new music, it probably seems like a pretty good deal. The process is pretty simple.

Generally, they allow the new musician to show their talent, and they want to know about feedback about their music. So, you have to listen to music and review. Here you can check out List Of 101 Free Survey Sites To Make Money Online.

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Each music is different; You have to listen 30 seconds to 1 minutes or even more. Some of the sites require you to write a review and get paid. This medium is the process you have to work with them.

About Company

HitPredictor owned and operated by iHeartMedia, Inc. The Platforms governed by and enforced in, and by the laws of, the United States.

Companies are looking for people to give feedback on their products and services and they are willing to pay. This company offers the platform, and you can rely on the company.

Contact The Company (Hit Predictor Review)

Privacy Questions iHeartMedia, Inc. 200 E. Basse Road San Antonio, TX 78209


Re: iHeartMedia Privacy Statement

E-Mail: privacy@hitpredictor.com

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Who Can Join 

  • Free registration
  • Worldwide Company
  • Must be 13 years with internet access

As A Part Of The Hit Predicator (opportunity)

  • Listen To unreleased Music
  • Referrals Earning
  • Influence new music
  • Polls
  • Review music and Earn gift cards
  • Sweepstakes

How To Enter And Sign Up

Joining is completely free. You can open the site via the click on the link below, join for free.

Register Link – Hit Predictor

Fill up the necessary essential details like proper email id; User Name, Country, Gender, D.O.B, Ethnicity and a secure password.

After registration, you will get a verification email. Signing up is free, secure and takes less than one minute. Just click that link verifies your account.

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Working In The Site

  • Rate Music

It provides the unreleased music. You have to listen to the music for 1 minutes and rate your like, dislike. By the way, you Influence record labels, radio stations, the artists, and their managers on what gets released to the public.

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  • Polls

They have a poll section where you can get 5 points to answer the questions.

  • Listen to Music

You can listen to Top music in the industry.


They have a Weekly Raffle Contests. You can order one prize per week, but with raffles, you can “buy” 1 ticket per day. Raffle winners will initially be notified by private email.

Referral System

To earn with your Referral link, You have to bring new members. Here you can check out How To Get Referrals in 45 Ways To Make Decent Income.

Register Link – Hit Predictor

Withdraw Options

  • Amazon

How Much Can You Earn?

You can earn 0 -100 points per month or even more. It is an excellent opportunity for anyone to make some side income besides the full job.

100 Points = $20

In today world freelancing change the way, we work in the online and transform our life better. Freelancing and Micro jobs industry is the most exciting platform for online workers. Check out 55 Freelancer websites more income.

But the Most opportunity is for only Eupore countries and USA. The more referrals you refer to site the more you earn per month and lifetime. Still, even the average pay rate is excellent, and it’s achievable if you have the referrals.

Tips To Maximise Your Earning

Register Link – Hit Predictor

Make Money Guides

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Payouts Information

It pays via Amazon. You can check out the top 15 international payment processor in the world. The minimum cash out using Amazon is $20.

It defers in countries. The payout process will take up to 24 hours. But due to the demographics problem it delays.

PROS VS CONS (Hit Predictor Review)


  • Free to join and easy registration
  • Referral system

Register Link – Hit Predictor

  • Amazon Payment Options
  • It will pay you to listen to songs
  • You listen to new songs from famous artists as well as unknown artist
  • Listen to Unreleased music


  • No Paypal payment
  • No cash option
  • Earning the potential of HitPredictor is very low
  • If you redeem it for a ticket and you don’t win, then you get nothing for the work that you did

My View

It is not an excellent site (Hit Predictor Review). If you would like to make money while Listen To Music, then this is the superb website. You should try it. My personal view at this survey site I give 1.9 out of 5. You can also check out Top data entry jobs from home.


Hit Predictor is a legit site. So, I recommended the company to work on your part-time. They create a very professional place, and you can earn some extra money from this website.

We have all dream of being able to earn a better income from the comfort of the sofa and without investment. It provides this opportunity. The income potential is so low that many users give up.

Listen to music online is one of the fun and easy ways to make money online. It means you have an easy way that a make money stream.


When you come back here, I will be waiting for you in the comments!

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