Evans Data Developer Survey Panel Review with payment proof

Evans data survey panel is for innovative & creative IT development professional. It includes millions of members from 80 countries. As an EDC panelist member, you will have your voice heard regarding developer tools & emerging technologies. So, I tested & review Evans Data Developer Survey Panel.

Evans Data Developer Survey Panel Review

Evans Data Developer Survey Panel

Contact Address:

Evans Data Corp
340 Soquel Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

About The survey panel

. Free to join in the Evans Data Developer Survey Panel

. Maximum 2500-5000 points per survey

. Easy surveys but IT professionals are suitable for this

. When you reach 20,000 points = $15 withdraw by PAYPAL & AMAZON E-CARD.

If you want to learn & know about users reviews of development tools, then you got a platform that called DevMetric. You also participate in the this why you like, dislike & rated the products.The panel learns about innovative technology &hot topics.

How to register with Evans Data

You must be 14 years old to join this Evans Data Developer survey panel. To register for the survey panel you click Evans data sign up. You must provide valid email address & a secure password with first, the last name, working company, industry, apps & your experience.

After register, you got a activate mail through your register email id. just click the link & login to the survey panel. After some days you will have to get a survey in your email id like this.

Most of the surveys about IT panel, cloud development, new software development & products. After complete the study, you have your point in your survey panel with pending. When the company reviews your survey perfect, then you got your full points.

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How to earn more money in the survey panel

Not only complete the survey properly give you enough money in the wallet. You have to refer friends, peoples to Evans Data Developer Survey Panel. When you mention people, you will get 500 points for each verified peoples. When you reach 20,000 points = $15 then you can withdraw via PayPal.

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. Lack of surveys.

. When you want to log in the survey panel, you have not got a link to log into the search engine.

. Sometimes website not loading correctly to log in

Learn about how to Avoid Getting Disqualified From Paid Surveys.

Paypal Payment Screenshot


Join this innovative survey panel to give your opinions about the products. You have not rich by this survey panel, but it provides some extra money to your pocket by just answering the questions. After all that I say it is a legit survey panel. So, join, make extra money & share your experience in the comments.