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” Let’s make future better ”

Be clear, Learn hard, Act better, Be present, Be you, &  mix all that to make something great together.


LIVOKE.COM  is mainly focused topics like self-employment, make money online & blogging. It explains how to make money online by various resources of internet & solve the problems of online workers.

What I Do (Services)

  •  Make money online topics
  •  Reviews website & products
  •  Marketing
  •  Self-employment & improving ideas
  •  Productivity ideas
  •  Creative Contents & Writing
  •  Online scam & legit websites reviews
  •  Blogging & SEO

About Me

Soumya Sourav is Mechanical Engg. By profession but also a blogger, freelancer, entrepreneur, & thinker. The passion leads the creation of LIVOKE.COM. He is an experienced person in online work from home & makes money online from the internet.

The journey starts with a simple online search like you “how to make money online” in 2011. The search changes my life forever. During seven years of my experience, I have face up many ups & downs. I investigate every new & establish company business modules. So, I create LIVOKE.COM & share the knowledge with the world.

I also help you in blogging, creative, Seo, marketing, freelancing & make future the better place.

Final Words

You work very hard, but when you mix hard work with smart work, then it leads to success. Success is not only due to the quality of my work. It’s down to attitude, approach & the way I treat my clients. It’s ok to try new things; it can lead to remarkable things you never imagine.

We love our readers & welcome your suggestions, feedbacks. Use comments sections & Contact- us page to tell what to improve.

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