5 Ways Smart Technology Can Help Grow Employee Productivity

5 Ways Smart Technology Can Help Grow Employee Productivity

Smart technology has become increasingly popular for private homes, and it’s improved our lives, and Here you know about 5 Ways Smart Technology Can Help Grow Employee Productivity. It was only a matter of time before offices got with the program and started implementing this new technology into their spaces.

Skeptics may see it as a waste of money, but research shows that office spaces directly impact productivity. The fact of the matter is that smart technology can help increase employee productivity. Here’s how:

 Smart Technology Can Help Grow Employee Productivity
How smart technology changes the way of employee productivity.
  1. Adequate temperature

You can’t do your best work if you’re not comfortable – it’s a basic concept most of us can agree with. However, it’s something that is vastly overlooked right now, especially in terms of temperature. Office spaces are notoriously bad when it comes to freezing or overheating.

That is what smart thermostats can change. Experts are looking into implementing systems that allow each person to set an ideal temperature for their working space. It may even change with them as they move through different areas of the building.

How it increases productivity:

If you’ve ever been ice-cold, trying to type with mittens on, you know what a tremendous change this can be. It’s impressive what basic physical comfort can do for someone’s productivity.

This kind of technology is already present and working with great success at the Watson IoT HQ in Munich, Germany. The system can identify where every employee is seated and what their preferences are in terms of lighting and temperature to maximize comfort.

  1. Improved communication

A lot of time is wasted every day due to poor communication. And it’s understandable – offices are large, projects include dozens or even hundreds of people at a time. They all need to communicate with each other, and all need to be kept in the loop of changes. It’s a complicated system, and there are bound to be some information slipping through the cracks.

What smart technology can do for us, here, is to improve the quality of our communication. A system of smart speakers can do wonders. It enables information to get to everyone, no matter where they are in the office, so that everyone is kept informed and updated.

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How it increases productivity:

The less time is spent getting information to different parties, the better. When employees are all on the same page, they can be much more efficient.

3. Healthier employees

We’re surely all familiar with the pitfalls of traditional office work: we are too sedentary, we spend too much time in the same position, we don’t sit up straight, we eat unhealthy lunches at our desks, drink too much coffee, etc. Those are pretty unhealthy habits, and when employees aren’t feeling 100%, then the work they put out is not going to be 100%, either.

That’s where smart technology comes in – some employers equip all their employees with personal devices that monitor their stats. They are alerted of changes they can make and of certain risks they are taking.

How it increases productivity:

The healthier we are, the more work we can do, and the better work we can do. Not to mention all the time and money saved on taking time off work for medical reasons. Isn’t prevention always better than treatment?

4. Better lighting

An often-overlooked component that contributes a lot to the way we feel at work – and our productivity – is lighting. It’s a well-known fact that office lighting tends to be harsh, impersonal, unflattering, and extremely tiring.

Smart offices introduce a system where the light is self-adjusting to the employee’s preference. Also, it can mimic natural light to offer the most natural-looking light possible.

An excellent example of this is the smart offices at RBC Waterpark Place in Toronto, Canada. Not only was the intelligent lighting system able to be personalized, but it also leads to a whopping 80% energy savings.

How it increases productivity:

Natural sunlight or light that successfully mimics natural sunlight can be a real mood booster. It is a well-known fact that the change in light and weather can lead to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), which is a productivity killer. This type of light system can curb seasonal depression and the inherent lack of productivity the winter months bring.

5. Seamless & streamlined organization

One of the primary sources of frustration in the office is a general lack of organization or a poor one. Between meetings, calls, presentations, and general tasks, there’s a lot of potentials for important things to be missed. Proper scheduling is essential in a well-running office, and that’s why technology can help.

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According to statistics, what employees want most is a better and more accurate awareness of availability when it comes to desks and conference rooms, for example. That is a significant source of frustration and wasted time that can be eliminated.

How it increases productivity:

Synched calendars and a clear representation of available conference rooms and desks can cut down on time spent looking for a space to work. That can not only increase productivity, but it also helps with employee morale.

The Intel SRR3 office in Bangalore, India, figured this out and is currently using a smart system that has integrated sensors that gather data about desk occupancy. That way, workspaces are maximized, and employees can make efficient use of the available desks via smart rotation.

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Smart technology isn’t just for the fancy homes of the rich and famous. It can be successfully incorporated into regular office spaces to improve morale and grow productivity.

Whether we’re talking about natural-like lighting, better heating or cooling systems, or streamlined communication and organization, smart technology can only improve office environments and productivity, in general. It’s just a matter of addressing employee needs and preferences and trying to make them possible through the smart use of technology.

When you come back here, I will be waiting for you in the comments!

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