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The Market Place Called Micro jobs In 6 Simple Steps

The Market Place Called Micro jobs:-

Micro jobs sites are the mediator between clients & workers. Micro jobs & Freelancing is the most popular source of income for many online workers. These Sites provided small tasks which created for workers via clients. You do this work for clients & get paid some amount in return.

In Micro job sites, you can quickly make extra money by doing simple works. The simple actions are like voting, Facebook like Instagram commenting, Tweeting & retweeting, etc. You get to work an independent person whenever you want to work. Check out gigs that change micro jobs industry & make more refreshing.

About Micro Job Sites

  • Greater Flexibility
  • Low-income source
  • Easy works
  • Payment via Paypal, Payoneer, Payza, & Skrill

The Market Place Called Micro jobs

The Market Place Called Micro jobs

1. Microworkers

Microworkers is one of best micro job sites in the industry. It has 9,31,000 members worldwide. You will find hundreds of tasks every day.The functions are elementary & anyone can do this type jobs with basic knowledge.

After register, you will get through simple tests to prove yourself what you worth as a worker. This medium is the latest addition to this website. So, after passing the test, you have to choose tasks that match your skills. If you got 90-100% success rate, that would be good for workers to get more works. When you get $9 in the account, you can withdraw via PayPal & $20 via Payoneer.

Example of Microworkers tasks

.Comment & rate youtube videos

.CreatGmaill account

.Search Amazon products, listing & review

.Follow some persons in Twitter

. Products Review in blogs

So, join right now in Microworkers & make extra money online via The Market Place Called Micro jobs.

Find about Microworkers review.

2. RapidWorkers

Rapidworkers is similar sites like Microworkers, but it looks like an unprofessional site. The interference got the lack of features, but you can work as employers & workers.  It contains marketed related tasks mostly.

Most of the tasks are available to international members & works are completed in maximum 5 minutes. You will be getting paid when you finish your job correctly. After your balance is over $8, you can place withdrawal request via PayPal 6% fees & 8% via Skrill. Success rate will 90-100% good for workers.


Join in Rapidworkers

Check out Rapidworkers review.

3. Clickworkers

Clickworker is a cloud-based human intelligent service to get your work done for managing e-commerce data. It has 800000 members worldwide. The site is free to join in worldwide.

After joining the site, you have to complete your profile, preferred language. Interested in writing, surveys, research then you got the platform. Sometimes you have to qualify for individual working propose, but it has got simple tasks also. When you got 5 euro in your account, you can withdraw via PayPal & 10 euro via bank transfer.

4. Mturk

Mturk is a website owned by Amazon.You can earn the significant amount of money working on this site. Workers are works via as per required & submitted to the requesters. The work is called hits or human intelligent task. After sign up, you have to wait for few days. They will send you an email as the application has declined. If you have lucky, then you got accepted. When decline you have to try again after few days.

After sign up, you have to wait for few days. In few days you have got the email either accepted or rejected. If your application denied, then you have to wait for 10-12 days & apply another time.

As a beginner, you have you have qualified for works by tests. Time to time you make the remarkable amount of money in future.

5. One space

One space is previously known as Crowdsource. It’s the best legit Micro job site. This site is good for writing, product description, image tagging, writing answers.

There is various type of tests to qualify to do work here. It is for quality assurance to give work to the best workers. I have to say one thing it is the best interface micro job sites. The more test quality, the more work you eligible.

6. Crowdflower

IT is one of the most prominent crowdsourcing has no direct sign up via the website. It has got maximum tasks in the various famous PTC sites. (paid to click sites).

The best contribution channel partner is Clixsense. Worldwide it got more than 30 millions members.


These are the sites I work & make money. I am currently working on these sites. Micro jobs sites is an excellent place for your skills. If you have skills, then you came to right The Market Place Called Micro jobs. Join in every sections & share of experience by commenting.


Soumya Sourav is Mechanical Engg. by profession but also a blogger, freelancer, entrepreneur, & the thinker. The passion leads the creation of LIVOKE.COM. He is an experienced person in online work from home; makes money online from the internet.

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