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Scarlet Clicks Review – Is It Scam or Legit PTC Website?

Scarlet Clicks Review

Here we talk about Scarlet Clicks Review to make money online. Scarlet-clicks has passed the test of time & proved to be stable paying site. Now it is the most trusted paying PTC sites.

What are Scarlet-clicks

Scarlet-clicks is a PTC websites that pay its members to view advertisements. Scarlet-clicks is paying from its starting date without any issue. I have researched various forums, various places & personally tested this site. So, I wrote about Scarlet Clicks Review.

Who can work in Scarlet-clicks

  • Work as free members & professional members
  • You can also upgrade & work with them

About Scarlet-clicks

Scarlet-clicks launched in 2009. Now it is the most stable paying site. Eight years & still it is durable & paying across the world to its members. As you can see in the image, they have 573711 members.

Scarlet Clicks Review to make money online

 How to make money with Scarlet-clicks

You click this link Scarlet-clicks & register with preferred email id. Just click the activation link in the email verify it & you eligible to work on this PTC site. This guide may change the way you work in PTC. Check out PTC Rent Referrals Strategies with investment.

  • Get paid to view advertisements
  • You can make money via referring peoples & make them direct referrals
  • You can also rent referrals to make money with them
  • Try your luck Scarletgrid you can win up to $1 per day
  • PTSU (Paid to sign up offers) where you can earn to sign up for the programs
  • You can make via points from your activities, $10000 = $1
  • They have referral contest that pays up to $1 -$500 depends on the prize of game
  • You can also earn via PTCWall in 6 ways. They are Ptc ads, Top offers,  Easy offers, Free Offers, Daily Surveys, Purchase & trials

Premium Account vs Free Account

As a free or standard member, you can make a little money. You also get a small amount of money from your rent, or direct referrals click. You can see the difference below.

Payment Methods

When you $2 in account, you can withdraw via these methods

  • Payza
  • Paypal
  • Perfect Money ( Required more than $2 )


  • You can work as free & professional members
  • Good referrals earning with direct references
  • As an upgraded member you can make more money
  • Fixed cash-out limit for all members & pay all the members in time


  • For beginners, it is tough to earn money means very slow earn
  • Renting referrals is not very profitable without a preferable plan
  • You can lose your cash rent referral system if you do not work properly
  • Most of the offers are scam in offer section, because after you complete the work most of them reject it

Disclosure: Some links in this post are affiliate links. We’re letting you know because it’s Honest Act to do. After all, it’s your right. You click this link & join I get a little commission. I only recommend opportunities I’ve researched and trust.)


Overall I say that they are running successfully for eight years & they are not scamming. You must have to patience to make money in it. They have stable management system & legit website. Try to build up your downline to make the profit.

Finally, I say Scarlet-clicks is legit PTC website. I researched & wrote Scarlet Clicks Review. Apart from this, you can check out Top 9 Legitimate Paid Survey Sites Can Help You To Make Extra Money Online.



Soumya Sourav is Mechanical Engg. by profession but also a blogger, freelancer, entrepreneur, & the thinker. The passion leads the creation of LIVOKE.COM. He is an experienced person in online work from home; makes money online from the internet.

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