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Review Legitimate View Fruit Survey Market Panel With Payment Proof

Legitimate View Fruit Survey Market Panel is an online market research survey panel. They collect information on various market topics. So, the company for futures product that your opinions & ideas matter. Through market cooperation, view fruit offers opportunities to the panelist to all over worlds.

Legitimate View Fruit Survey Market Panel General Information

The market panel provided with the full range of surveys for different age of peoples with various categories. Efficiency & quality surveys are essential in this survey panel.

Legitimate View Fruit Survey Market Panel to make money online

The members come from Asian, Africans, Europe, Australia, America are highest numbers. It is another platform to make some extra money online.

About Survey Panel

The market panel operated by panel and market research & consulting. The company is now mostly focused on Asia market.

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How & What to do

The registration process is straightforward. Just click this link to Register. After registration, you will get a verification email link in given email id. Just click verified link,  log in to the survey panel, complete your profile & payment options.

After 1 or 2 days you will get surveys in your email id that hardly 20-30 minutes long & also check the account for studies.

You will get minimum 100 to maximum 5000 points per surveys. 500 points = $1. Download View fruit mobile app from Google play store & apple app store for ios gives you 100  extra points in your account.

Extra things to do

You can make your personalized profile in View fruit. Like social media, you can upload your profile image, give the description, add necessary information, add friends keep track your activities. Refers your friends earn more points & more points make more money. 10% every friend you see when they complete any surveys for the lifetime.

There are three types of different activities to get involved in the panel. They are called V-survey, V-chat & V-vote.

  • V-survey – Participate in future related products gives maximum points.
  • V-chat –  Make friends & chat with them. Join hottest chat groups to share your opinions thoughts.
  • V-vote – Create your poll about hot topics &  vote the ballots of members.

Payment Gateway

Payment via PayPal when reaching minimum 2500 points = $5. I think 10-15 days you can earn more money. When you disqualify for surveys, unlike the other survey panel, it gives one 0r 2 points.

Payment screenshot


  • The wide variety of surveys
  • Different categories & age that matters
  • Feels like little social media
  • Fast way to earn


  • Screen out or full quota middle of polls
  • Visit How to Avoid getting disqualification from paid surveys.
  • The interference of survey site is not functional, just simple

I test view fruit panel &  I say it the whole survey panel. The survey panel is the wide variety of surveys to complete & earn right amount of money. So,  join the survey panel called Legitimate View Fruit Survey Market Panel & Share your experience about this board in the comment.


Soumya Sourav is Mechanical Engg. by profession but also a blogger, freelancer, entrepreneur, & the thinker. The passion leads the creation of LIVOKE.COM. He is an experienced person in online work from home; makes money online from the internet.

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